Water Fountain Designs To Create Stress Relaxing Environment

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Relaxation Is Influenced By Environment


Big water fountain has a telling effect on your relaxation efforts

besides Adding Beauty to your environment


Hear the sizzling sound of water flowing from the water fountains and feel the ease it brings to your mind. Stress buildup is one of the causes of lifestyle diseases. Water fountains create the right environment to relax from stress. Fountains add peace and beauty to your home, office and garden.  Soothing music of flowing water fountain induces a feeling of serenity and relaxation. Create an oasis of your own and join the elite.

Indoor fountains add bold and elegant statement to your home and office. They make your stay at home a pleasant and relaxed one, after a long day at work. Because of this great feeling many people swear by indoor fountains.

Install Fountain, create stress relaxing environment and add beauty as well.

Different water fountain designs to suit your needs


Indoor Water Fountains / Outdoor Water Fountains

Big fountains for your villa and big apartment -  Wall Fountains - Floor Water Fountains - Pond Fountains - Courtyard Fountains

Choose big fountain to decorate your villa or big apartment. Because of its mere size it will give a bold statement of your lifestyle environment. Seeing and sitting by the side of a big fountain will be always be a pleasing experience. Majestic looking and artistically designed large fountain is the right choice to enhance the richness and the beauty of your lifestyle environment. Large fountains are the best choice to create a big water body in your courtyard. You can go for a pond fountain if you want to create an oasis in your garden. Those with small gardens need not worry as not all the pond fountains need a big garden. Just dig a small pond around the pond fountain and that is enough to install it. The other choice is to go for a big base pool fountain to add a bold beautiful statement to your garden. Water won't spill over outside in the pool fountains. You can install them inside your home to make your living room come live with the sizzling large fountain. Big water bodies will give you a soothing effect while relaxing by its side.

Grande Palazzo Fluted Big Fountain
Cascadia in Dimensions Pool
Dimensions Water Feature
Venus With Dolphins
Palazzo Venus
Angella In Toscana Pool Fountain

Solace Falls Stainless Steel Wall Fountain



Amazing triple slate design Solace Falls stain steel indoor Wall fountain

$ 14999.00




Grande Barrington In Toscana Pool
4 Tier Millennium in Toscana Pool Fountain
Palazzo Fluted

Water Fountain Designs - A video presentation on how you can transform your home and garden

Entwined Dolphins Hybrid Big Fountain

Grande Millennia Dolphin

Solace Falls Copper Wall Fountain
Solace Falls - Copper Indoor Wall Fountain Water Wall $16499.00
Crystal Falls - 60
Crystal Water Falls - size 60" x 72" x 12" - $ 6599.00
Double Elements Stainless Steel Wall Fountain
Double Elements Stainless Steel Wall Fountain $ 11699.00
Waterwall 96
Waterwall 96"x72"x16" - $ 11695.00
Palazzo Quattro Tier
Grande Kensington Three Tier Fountain in Pool
Three-Tier Leonesco In Toscana Pool Fountain
Finial Spill Courtyard Fountain in Crested Pool
Newport Courtyard Fountain
Smithsonian Morning Glory
Vicobello 3-Tier
Parisienne -Two Tier $3359.99
Vicobello 3-Tier
Chaumont Fountain
Grande Riviera
Grande Contemporary Four Tier
Valencia Spill Fountain in Crested Pool
Williamsburg Pineapple Two Tier Fountain in Basin
Triple Tazza Tier Fountain in Europa Pool
Spheres Fountain in Crested Pool
Trinity Falls Copper Wall Fountain
Trinity Falls - Copper Wall Fountain
$ 8999.00
Wall Radius(Copper Face)
Wall Radius(Copper Face)
 $ 6650.00
Four Tier Spanish Fountain in Basin
5.1JF Pond Fountain
5.1JF Pond Fountain
$ 6299.00
5.1VFX Pond Fountain
5.1VFX Pond Fountain 
$ 6949.00
8400JF Pond Fountain
8400JF Pond Fountain 
$ 4899.00
3400 JF/HJF Pond Fountain
3400 JF/HJF Pond Fountain - $ 2379.00

Paloma Cascada in Valencia

Paloma Cascada in Valencia outdoor Fountain

$ 2389.00

Fontana Fountain in Basin
Casa Sola Fountain in Basin
Antique Cherubs
Porto Marina
Bastia Fountain in Basin
Falling Rocks Garden Waterfall, Large
Classic Lion Pillar
Lorelei in Valencia
Bella Monte Cristo
Caterina Fountain in Basin



Stainless Steel Sphere -30

Stainless Steel Sphere
30"" w/ skirt
- $ 2124.00

Paradise Water Falls Titan - Glass or Mirror 10'W x 6'H x 6

Paradise Water Falls Titan - Glass or Mirror 10'W x 6'H x 6"D 
$ 14495.00

Waterwall 120
Waterwall 120"x72"x16" 
$ 13995.00



Indoor Fountains
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Garden Fountains
(More fountains below $1000)

Decorative fountain An
Unique Gift Idea

Garden Statues

Garden Planters

Garden Planters Below $500

Bird Bath

Garden Bench

Discount Fountains


Edible Landscaping





Shimmering Falls Titan - 36
Shimmering Falls Titan 36"Wx90"Hx9"D





















































































































































































































water fountain installed both inside and outside your home or office will set the right atmosphere for relaxation. You will have immediate access to a perfect relaxing environment. Increasing stress experienced by people is the cause of the modern day living. In today's life style nobody is exempted from the effects of stress. It brings in a lot of negative effects on our physical as well as mental wellbeing. You need to relax whenever you have time without giving excuse. Don't be workaholic and do not allow stress buildup. It will ruin your health in the long run.

Garden Water Fountain - Indoor Fountains

Four Tier Spanish Fountain in Basin
Marina Four Tier
Antique Cherubs
4 Tier Renaissance
Grenoble Three-Tier
Gardenia Three Tier
Quattro Tier in Valencia
4-Tier Fountain with Finial
Florentine with Piazza Pedestal
Media Terra Fountain, Extra Large
Grande Barrington
Grande Kensington Three Tier
Venus in Valencia
Classical Finial in Valencia
Fluted in Valencia
Three Tier Renaissance in Valencia
Small Contemporary Tier in Valencia
Medium Two Tier Leonesco in Valencia
Pineapple 2-Tier Fountain with Large Round Bowl
Spheres Fountain
Plaza Courtyard
Small Tazza in Valencia
Barrington in Valencia
Newcastle Three Tier Pond Fountain
Three Tier Tivoli
Classic Planter Pillar
Rios 2-Tier
Bacchante Fountain


All of us need stress relaxation to overcome the negative impacts of stress. You need stress relaxation to keep you fit and to resume your work with more freshness. Relaxation is a process or state just opposite of stress. Recreation and Leisure are two influential relaxation techniques  for  stress relief and to begin your next day with increased enthusiasm.


Recreation is spending time to increase refreshment to your body or mind. Recreation needs physical participation. As opposed to recreation, leisure is having entertainment or rest or just simply keeping idle. Today's life style and job nature requires long hours of sitting and deprived of any physical activity or diversion. The time limit to achieve target and monotonous work style buildup stress.


You should relax every now and then to reduce stress


Have stress relaxation product at your immediate environment


You need diversion or some activities to relax, otherwise the stress build up will lead to more health hazards. Sitting quietly by a lake side or other leisure activities for as little as twenty minutes can have a telling effect on your relaxation. You need a pleasing and peaceful environment to get relaxed. A short time out, leisure, a brief walk in your home garden or at your office lawn, a short meditation and listening to your favorite music are some of the relaxation techniques you can employ immediately wherever you are.



 Water fountain provides
a conducive ambience
for relaxation on a terrace.


Buy now and install
water fountain - Hear the
sizzling sound of water
and get relaxed

Vicobello 3-Tier

*Best Seller* The Palazzo Urn Fountain
 $ 1904.00

Many options to create your own waterfall with  water wall fountains and floor fountains.

Tuscan Rose Stone Wall Fountain

Cobrizio Wall Fountain (Copper Face)

Waterfall Grande - 94

Crystal Water Falls - 60

Tuscan Rose Stone Wall Fountain
$ 4399.00

Cobrizio Water Wall Fountain (Copper Face)
Starting At $6810.00

Waterfall Fountain Grande - 94" Clear Glass, Center Mount w/ Black Onyx Frame
$ 3995.00
Crystal Water Falls Indoor Floor Fountain size 60" x 48" x 10"
$ 4599.00

Persephone Stone Free Standing Indoor Floor Fountain $8000.00
Attica Crown Stone Wall Fountain
Attica Crown Stone Wall Fountain
$ 3949.00
Teton Falls Wall Fountain - Glass Reflections
Teton Falls Wall  - Glass Reflections - $ 3599.00
Full Radius Wall Fountain
Full Radius Indoor Wall Fountain $ 3590.00


Quad-Tier Italian
New Large Contemporary Tier
Palm Springs Small
Quad-Tier Italian with 3 Graces
Chelsea Garden Pond Fountain
Large Cascade
Ring of Diamonds Fountain

*Best Seller* The Palazzo Urn Fountain
 $ 1904.00
Anderson with Urn
Anderson with Tiers
Large Two-Tier Lambrusco Fountain
Venetta Fountain with Round Bowl, Small
3 Tier Pagoda
Samara Fountain in Basin
April Showers
Valencia Three-Tier
Versailles Garden Two Tier Pond Fountain
Large Rainfall
Flowing Flutes
Newcastle Three Tier
Gardenia Two Tier Pond Fountain
Obelisk Octagon
Quad-Tier Tulip
Padova Three Tier
Quattro Classic Tier
3-Tier Fountain with Finial
Grand Tier-Relief Lavabo
Large Tazza Tier
Mill Tier
Windsome with Spanish Bowl, Small
Espaņa 2-Tier with Round Bowl
Pineapple Finial 2-Tier
Double-Tier Italian Fountain with Doves
Medium Cascade
Medium Two-Tier Lambrusco
New Lion Jug
Esplanade 2 Tier
Paloma Cascada in Rondo Pool Fountain


Fairfield with Urn
Antiquarium Two Tier
San Pietro
Gothic Dolphin Tier Fountain
Fairfield with Tiers
Fontana Quadra
Anderson with Sphere on Tier, Small
Large Regal Tier
Mestre Pond Fountain
Riviera in Rondo Pool Fountain
Artesia Slate Two Tier
Barrington Triple Disc
Two Tier Marsala in Basin
New Small Contemporary Tier
Nurios Corner Fountain
Patio with Small Lion Bowl


Kensington Two Tier
Russell with Tier
Gardenia Two Tier
Cherubs in Spring
Acquarossa Two Tier Short
Newcastle Short
Balancing Act
Florence Two-Tier
Williamsburg Pineapple 2 Tier
Terrace Fountain with Birds on Tier
Two Tier Renaissance
Inuksuk Guide
4-Tier Ball Broken Pouring Jug
4-Tier Ball Fountain 
Broken Pouring Jug
Desert Springs Spheres Standing Fountain
$ 499.00
Bedrock Falls Floor Fountain - $ 459.00

It is psychologically proved that water body has a major influence

on stress relief


Natures sound also has a great influence in getting you relaxed. The sound of water fall and bird's sound  can make a perfect environment for relaxation.  You can't always go out to a lake side or water fall whenever you feel to relax. Install water fountains in your home and office. Seeing a water body or water fountain gives you immediate relaxation. Indoor Wall water fountain adds beauty to your room. Its coolness of acts as a relaxation therapy. Having indoor floor water fountain or outdoor water fountain at your home and office gives you the immediate perfect environment to relax whenever you want. For children's room you don't have to stick to the traditional fountains as there are many art wall fountains with images hand painted on them. You can use fountain as a water wall.

Indoor water fountains and outdoor water fountains also add beautiful look and feel to your home and office

Taking a short walk in your garden seeing and listening to the fall of water from the water fountain, will give you instant joy and peace of mind. It is not possible to go out every time when you want to relax. A pleasing environment both inside and outside your home and office can have a great effect on stress relaxation. Buy the indoor fountain and outdoor fountain that suits your space.


Give your staff the right environment by installing inside water features and see their productivity increased


Large Redondo Jar in Valencia
Severn Zig Zag- Large

Fountains to suit both your interior and exterior

Large Redondo Jar in Valencia $2269.00

$10 off on orders over $75

Severn Zig Zag OutsideLarge  Fountain

Cascading Pools Water Fountain

Cascading Pools Water Fountain $529.00

Orchid Accents - Copper Pond Fountain $499.00

Derwent  $549.98 Multi-tier Rock Pond Fountain $499.00


For the corporate, a lush green and beautiful surrounding  will increase the productivity of their staff. Stress management playing an important role in productivity. No corporate would like to buildup work place stress as it will deeply affect their profits. New generation corporate heads are giving due importance to stress management. They install fountains indoor and outdoor. A pleasing surrounding in your immediate environment with greenery and water features, is what you need to relax and resume work anytime. On the lunch table you can place table top water fountains. The sound of water has a magic in it. It relaxes your mind and provides peace and tranquility to you. Just sit near a outdoor big fountain or indoor water fountain for some time and feel the change it gives to your stress relaxing efforts.









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