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Visiting Sick Person

Visiting  sick person is not a casual one and care should be taken while visiting a sick person. The purpose of visiting  sick person is to spend some warm and quality time with the concerned person. The visit should generate give a comfort feeling to the sick person and increase his positive attitude and will power. Here are some useful tips which you can apply  both to a visit in the hospital or home.

Sick Person And Your Visit

First call the spouse or the caretaker to know the convenient time to visit the sick person. The patient might have gone through some painful treatment or had too many visitors that day and need some rest. The caregiver will appreciate your concern of not disturbing the patient and welcome you to have some personal time with the patient.

Protecting the sick person from infection is the main concern of the caretakers in the post operation period. Wash yours hands with hand washing liquid before visiting the sick person and also after the visit.

Knock The Door

Knocking the door before entering is a normal diplomatic behavior and don't forget to knock the door, whether you are visiting the patient at home or hospital. The patient would have already embarrassed by the feeling of their privacy being compromised. Take care not to fuel this feeling and it avoids entering the room in the middle of a bath or a medical treatment.

The TV is a menace wherever you go and it won't be a different while visiting the sick person. Usually the patients may not even think about turning it down. Ask the sick person to get his node before turning off the TV. When it is time to leave, offer to turn it on again.

Be Cheerful

Present a cheerful look and make light of your conversation. Avoid bad or negative news as your purpose of the visit is to raise his will power and confidence to get back well soon. Laughing is a best therapy for a speedy recovery and some humorous things will make your visit a happy occasion for the patient.


Talk And Let The Sick Person Talk

Conversation is a two way traffic. Talk and let talk your friend. This will make him comfort. But again know the limit. Don't create a situation for the patient to talk too much and causing discomfort. Plan your conversation as you know the type of treatment your friend is undergoing.

Normally a sick person harbors a feeling that they are heard.  It is utmost important that you hear what they say about their medical condition. But don't display your knowledge about the illness or the treatment undergone by somebody for the same illness and the fate of their treatment.

Make The Sick Person Comfortable

Don't make the patient to feel worse than before your visit by taking about the bad environment of the hospital or home like the noise, food and nursing care.

Keep the visit short. Ten minutes is the correct time.  Every minute beyond ten minutes makes the visit that much longer and it may give discomfort to the patient and the caretaker. Offer to pray for the patient and it will give immense happiness to the sick person.

















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