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Mosquito Magnet


Mosquito Magnet To Effectively Control Mosquito Menace

Using all weather mosquito magnet defender you can effectively control mosquito menace. It is a worldwide problem. Advanced and modern countries are also finding it difficult to root out mosquito menace. Mosquitoes are deadly carriers of fatal diseases like dengue, yellow fever and malaria. No country is immune to this problem and the Government of each country is spending a huge amount for mosquito control sytem.

Mosquito Magnet Defender

American Biophysics Corporation is a pioneer in the mosquito control products.

Mosquito Magnet Defender, an effective mosquito control product covers Large  area.

Best suitable for back yard mosquito control, decks, lawns, patios and pool areas.

Video On Mosquito Magnet And Mosquito Control

In four to six weeks time reduce mosquito menace to a great extent. Dependable all whether continuous performance.  Mosquito Magnet Defender  - Buy Now

Mosquito Killer And Mosquito Repellent

Mosquito Trap Liberty




Features advances diagnostics.

A mosquito control system with Very
simple operation.

Mosquito magnet trap for all weather performance.

Mosquito Trap Liberty has large net capacity. Wheeled stand for easy

Comes with one year warranty.

Mosquito Trap Liberty  3000MMp

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Mosquito Trap Liberty

Mosquito Magnet Mosquito Trap Liberty Plus 3100MM

  • No external power supply needed
  • NIMH battery backup
  • State of the art cordless technology
  • Easy assembly and easy storage
  • Comes with one year warranty
  • simple operation mosquito control system

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When coming to individual household it is not only a health related problem but also a major source of irritant. Using a net affects free air circulation and using mosquito repellent affects the health. But without mosquito repellent it will be a sleepless night. Using toxic free home mosquito control repellent is the best choice to have a healthy environment.

Don't leave any trash container exposed. Water clogging and water logging are main sources of mosquito breeding. Stagnant water acts as a perfect breeding ground. Don't allow water to stagnant in your neighborhood and on seeing a spot immediately report this to the concerned department of your area.

While watering the garden take care to level the places where water is getting stagnant for a long time. Even a leaky pipe can act as a breeding ground.

Honeywell Stinger Bug Killer, 80watt

Stinger Bug Killer, 80watt
Stinger MK-100, Mosquito Killer ,1/4 Acre

MK-100, Mosquito Killer, 1/4 Acre
 Off! Power Pad Lamp

Proven Effective in Extreme Mosquito Conditions.
Therma CELL Mosquito Repellent Lantern

Mosquito Repellent Lantern

Keeping a mosquito free environment is the best guard against many dreaded diseases. Mosquito magnet defender a best device to protect your home and environment from mosquito menace.










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