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Edible Landscaping



Buddha Waterfall Fountain $854.00



Serrano Vertical Wall Fountain-Stainless Steel/Sliver Mirror - $795.00

























 Indoor Fountains

 Wall Fountains and Floor Fountains

Indoor fountains Can give even a small space a rich look and play a helping role in stress relaxation. For spacious room you can install indoor fountains at the centre of the room. For centrally located indoor fountains you can choose a one which is bigger in size. If space is a constraint for you go for small ones and preferably a fountain which you can place in the corner.

The soothing sound of water will add natural sound to your environment. Everybody needs relaxation from stress at the end of a hectic day. Also relaxation in-between your work gives refreshment and you can continue your work with renewed energy. Indoor fountain greatly enhances your effort of relaxation whether you are at home or office. Many fountains are suitable for both interior and outdoor installation.

Fountain Remote Control - $51.00

Fountain Remote Control for indoor fountains and outdoor fountains

You can Control your fountain for up to 40 feet!  No more plugging in and un-plugging your fountain, relax from your home or patio and operate your fountain on or off! Simply plug your fountain into the Fountain Remote Control module, plug the control module into your outlet and you are all set to operate your fountain from a distance!

  • Operates fountain for powering on and off up to 40 feet away from fountain, even through doors, walls, and floors.

  • The remote control Comes with key fob transmitter, battery, and module for fountain remote control.

  • The Fountain Remote Control is outdoor-rated and UL-approved

  • Transmitter powered by 12-volt battery

  • You Can use it for both indoors and  outdoors


Grande Millennia Dolphin Fountain

Floor Fountains

Cascadia Fountain in Dimensions Pool
Venus With Dolphins Fountain
Palazzo Venus Fountain
Angella In Toscana Pool Fountain
Grande Barrington Fountain In Toscana Pool
4 Tier Millennium in Toscana Pool Fountain
Palazzo Fluted Fountain
Palazzo Quattro Tier Fountain
Grande Kensington Three Tier Fountain in Pool
Three-Tier Leonesco In Toscana Pool Fountain
Spheres Fountain in Crested Pool
Grande Riviera Fountain
Grande Contemporary Four Tier Fountain
Valencia Spill Fountain in Crested Pool
Four Tier Spanish Fountain in Basin
Bacchante Fountain
Bastia Fountain in Basin
Lorelei in Valencia Fountain
Lorelei in Valencia Fountain - $2347.99
Spheres Fountain
Three Tier Tivoli Fountain
Classic Planter Pillar Fountain
Bacchante Fountain
Ring of Diamonds Fountain
Angella Fountain
Equilibria Fountain
Falling Diamonds Fountain
Helena Fountain in Basin


Your home is where you stay for most part of the day apart from your working hours. A calm and pleasing environment at home will give you the necessary relaxation and the much needed sound sleep. Indoor water fountain is the best choice to get the desired calm and cool effect at your home environment. Installing  beautiful indoor fountains wherever possible will add the good spirit of water fall inside your house. Having water body at your work place will help you to relax and improve productivity.


Slate Fountains

Wall Fountains and Floor Fountains

Waterwall 96
Waterwall 96"x72"x16" - $ 11695.00
Paradise Falls Titan - Glass or Mirror 10'W x 6'H x 6
Paradise Falls Titan - Glass or Mirror 10'W x 6'H x 6"D 
$ 14495.00

Persephone Stone Free Standing Fountain $8000.00
Cobrizio Wall Fountain (Copper Face)
Cobrizio Water Wall Fountain (Copper Face)
Starting At $6810.00
Crystal Falls - 60
Crystal Water Falls
size 60" x 72" x 12"
$ 6599.00
Triple Nojoqui Falls Water Wonder Fountain in Black Trim
Tuscan Rose Stone Wall Fountain
Tuscan Rose Stone Wall Fountain
$ 4399.00
Waterfall Grande - 94
Waterfall Fountain Grande - 94" Clear Glass, Center Mount w/ Black Onyx Frame - $ 3995.00
Teton Falls Wall Fountain - Glass Reflections
Teton Falls Wall  - Glass Reflections - $ 3599.00
Double Nojoqui Falls Fountain in Black Trim
Galaxy Tree Wall Fountain
Clear Glass Gardenfall Fountain With Brushed Stainless Steel Frame, Large
Bronze Mirror Gardenfall Fountain With Dark Copper Frame, Large
High Tide Wall Fountain
Etched Bamboo Gardenfall Fountain With Dark Copper Frame, Medium
Silver Mirror Gardenfall Fountain With Brushed Stainless Steel Frame, Medium
Clear Glass Gardenfall Fountain With Black Oxide Frame, Medium
Waikiki Beach Fountain in Copper Vein
Large Bronzed Mirror Weathered Water Garden
Silver Mirror with Brushed Stainless Steel Vertical Fountain
Stream Stainless Steel Wall Fountain
Large Curvature Floor Fountain for Indoor/Outdoor use
Contempo Solare Bronze Mirror Fountain
Lunar Stainless Steel Wall Fountain
Bronzed Mirror Weathered Water Garden
Contempo Terra Fountain
Palm Leaf Fountain
Shimmer Indoor Floor Fountain
Small Bedrock Indoor Water Fountain
Walla Indoor Wall Fountain
Silver Cracked Glass Candle Wall Fountain
Flowing Water Wall/Table Fountain
Winding Indoor Floor Fountain
Triple Nojoqui Falls Water Wonder Fountain in Stainless Steel

Serrano Wall Fountain Stainless Steel/Silver Mirror - $995.00


There are various beautiful indoor water fountain designs at various price ranges that suit your home and budget. Spend some time to decide the type of indoor water fountain you need to enhance your interior. You can install indoor fountains that match with your interior design or contrast with it.


Saa-Deh Rectangle Fountain
Growing Garden Standing Fountain
Inland Sound Outdoor Fountain
Girl with Pail Fountain
Columnar Zen Silver Fountain
Leaves Fountain
Lumber Indoor/Outdoor Floor Fountain
Two Pouring Jugs Fountain
Galaxy Floor Fountain
Rimini Wall Water Fountain
Ribbed Mini Series Spa Fountain
Aqua Indoor/Outdoor Floor Fountain


The images of indoor fountains displayed here will help you to develop your idea of interior decoration. There are many type of indoor water fountains like tabletop fountain, wall fountain and floor fountain.

  • Indoor wall fountains is the best option of adding elegance and richness to your interior whether it is your home or office.

  • Floor fountain is another option of installing indoor fountains to add a class and cooling effect to your interior.

  • Both wall and floor fountains add a statement of style to your house and office.

  • Copper fountains are not only stylish, but also give an elegant look.












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