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Tiki Statue - Small
Tiki Statue - Small
 $ 2599.00
Add a tropical touch to your landscape with one or both
of these Tiki Statues.










Garden Statues

Garden statues and garden statue fountain add a rich beauty to your garden.  If you have no garden you can choose and install a suitable statue sculpture at the center of your drawing room or a corner of the room to add beauty to your interior decoration. Place indoor plants around the statue. Some outdoor statues majestically align with both interior and exterior. If you have a garden then you can give shape to your ideas with no limitations by installing suitable outdoor garden statues with or without fountain. If you have a fountain nearby the statue it will immensely increase the look and feel of your garden environment. Most of the statue fountains are suitable for indoor also. You can place a planter near the fountain to greatly enhance the beauty of the environment as a water fountain combines with greenery will be pleasing to the eyes.


Grande Millennia Dolphin Fountain

                             For details click the images

Statue Fountains

Venus With Dolphins Fountain
Palazzo Venus Fountain
Angella In Toscana Pool Fountain
Venus in Valencia Fountain
Lorelei in Valencia Fountain
Venus in Valencia Fountain
Anne Fountain
Angella Fountain
Large Rainfall Fountain
April Showers Fountain
Paloma Cascada in Rondo Pool Fountain
Anne Fountain
Rachael at Well Fountain with Sunburst Shell Bow
Leaping Dolphin Hybrid Fountain
Pouring Cherubs Fountain
Summer Showers Ftn
St. Francis At Well Fountain
William's Dilemma Fountain
Tiering Fountain with Cherub
St. Francis Fountain
Amalfi Two-Tier Fountain
Capri Single Tier Fountain
Rafaella Fountain
Buddha Fountain
Buddha Pyramid Fountain
Meditating Buddha Fountain
Old Fashioned Pump with 2 Kids Fountain
Small One Tier with Fisher Boy Fountain
Romantical Showers Fountain
Boy with Pouring Watering Can Fountain
Playing Children Fountain
Girl Watering Flower Floor Fountain
Pots with Frogs Fountain
Little Boy Holding Turtle Fountain
Hidden Budha Fountain
Longwood Italian Water Garden Frog
  • Beautiful garden sculptures from skilled craftsmen

  • Made of premium fiber reinforced cast stone to last for a lifetime

  • Highest level of design engineering construction and materials are used

  • Shipping to any address in the continental USA

  • secure delivery by packing on a pallet

Garden Statues Without Fountain

Place your plants in attractive garden planters around the statue and along the path way in an imaginative design. You can add a great look to your terrace garden with small and beautiful statues with matching small fountains. Water body attracts birds and they will be an added attraction to your garden. Adding a water body to your environment, whether interior or exterior, will give you a sense of calmness and peace of mind. The water body is a great reliever of stress. Statue adds bold statement to your water body.

Morning Gossip Planter
Stolen Moments Garden Planter
Girl Reading with Kitten
Boy Reading with Puppy
Girl and Boy Sitting on Bench with Puppy Statue
Girl Reading with Kitten
Girl Reading With Kitten $190.00
Bonnie n Bunnies
Bonnie 'n' Bunnies

 Animal Statues

Champion Garden Statue on Medallion Pedestal
Champion Garden Statue on Medallion Pedestal $789.99
Bailey the Cocker Spaniel
Fawn Rising on One Leg
Fawn Rising on One Leg $565.99
Eagle Facing Right
Alligator $539.99
Castle Lion On Orb
Bailey the Cocker Spaniel
.Chandler Garden Statue.
Chandler Garden Statue 439.99
Classic Lion
Classic Lion - $419.99
Standing Fawn Garden Statue
Eagle Looking Left Garden Statue
.Fritz the Dachshund Garden Statue.
Fritz the Dachshund $379.99
*Charlie Garden Statue*
Charlie - $229.99
Large Horned Owl Garden Statue
Dachshund Statue
Gone Fishin' Garden Statue
Gone Fishin' - $199.99
Angus Scotty Dog Garden Statue
Heron in Reeds
Complacent Cat Garden Statue
Fluffy Dog Garden Statue
Mugsy Garden Statue
Graceful Swan Planter
Cat Chasing Ball Garden Statue
Hare Seated with Ears Up
Totally Zen Too
Classic Walking Duck
Napoleon & Josephine
Box Turtle Garden Statue

Bumbershoot Frog

Kitty Garden Statue

 Religious Statues

Royal Buddha
26" Small Madonna in Niche
Saint Francis with Animals Garden Statue
Classic Madonna
Saint Francis with Bird Garden Statue
Canterbury Angel
Indonesian Seated Buddha Garden Statue
Large Antique Buddha Garden Statue
Morris Seated Buddha Garden Statue
Madonna of the Roses Garden Statue
Gardening Angel
Kneeling Angel
Autumn Angel Garden Statue
Saint Fiacre Garden Statue
Praying Angel
Padre Pio Garden Statue


Saint Francis with Shell Garden Statue
Classic Saint Francis (Tall)
Madonna Garden Statue, Medium
Thank Heaven Angel Garden Statue
Madonna & Child
Saint Francis 25 Garden Statue
Seated Buddha, Small Garden Statue
Saint Anthony
Praying Madonna Garden Statue
Saint Francis with Bird Garden Statue, Small

The combination of stone statue and fountain with your garden environment will make it a lovely place for you to rest and relax. Take a short walk at your majestic garden whenever you want to relieve from stress and feel the difference. Garden statue and garden statue fountain can make a big difference to your environment.













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