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Classic Springtime FountainClassic Springtime Fountain
 $ 999.00

Inuksuk Guide Fountain
                                            Inuksuk Guide Fountain
                                   $ 995.00

Garden fountain is the option to install a water body in your garden. Having a water body  enhances the look and feel of your garden environment. Garden fountain is a novel approach to transform your garden into a beautiful place to rest and relax. Nothing, other than garden fountains, can give that soothing effect to your garden.


Garden water fountain and outdoor fountain greatly improve the calm and peaceful atmosphere. The coolness of water and the sizzling sound of its flow will have a telling effect at your garden environment. Water body in your environment is the best option to get peace of mind and relaxation. Whenever you feel tired, just go to a water body and sit by its side and you can immediately feel the difference.


Garden Water Fountains - Most of them are suitable for both interior and exterior installation

Most of the garden fountains are also suitable as indoor fountains to beautify your home. Place planters near or around the fountain to create an oasis inside your home. It will give you a soothing effect while relaxing at your home.


Buy and install garden fountain and feel the difference. (Click the images to get details)


Lotus Fountain
Sintra Fountain
Anderson Fountain with Urn
Anderson Fountain with Tiers
Large Two-Tier Lambrusco
Anderson with Cloud Finial
Falling Diamonds Fountain
Falling Rocks Fountain, Medium
Classic Lion
April Showers
Large Rainfall Fountain
Versailles Garden Two Tier Pond Fountain
Palazzo Obelisk
The Palazzo Urn Fountain
Flare Spill Fountain in Rondo Pool
Acquarossa Pond Fountain
Anderson with Sphere
Small Rockfall Garden Pond Ornament
Quattro Classic Tier
3-Tier with Finial
Windsome with Spanish Bowl, Small
Chelsea Garden Water Fountain
Fontana Grande
Grand Tier-Relief Lavabo


Honey Pot Wall Fountain
$ 1449.00
Leaping Dolphin Hybrid Fountain
Medium Cascade
New Lion Jug
Esplanade 2 Tier
Paloma Cascada in Rondo Pool Fountain
Acqua Sparta Two Tier
Fairfield with Tiers
Anderson with Sphere on Tier, Small
Large Regal Tier Fountain
Overflowing Kensington Urn in Rondo Pool Fountain
Oak Bluff
Riviera in Rondo Pool Water Fountain
Anne Statue Fountain
Regal Sphere
Two Tier Marsala in Basin
Fluted Fountain
New Small Contemporary Tier Fountain Rachael at Well
Nurios Corner Fountain
Orvieto Two Tier
Mantova Pond Water Fountain
Pouring Cherubs
Kensington Two Tier
Patio with Small Lion Bowl
Mantova Three Tier
Russell with Tier
Appia Pond Fountain
Fenelon Falls Fountain
Cherubs in Spring
Regal Dish
Pina Cascada
Gardenia Two Tier
Oliva Wall Fountain
Piroetta with Plume Light
Acquarossa Two Tier Short

Garden fountain is the only choice of having a water body in your nearest environment. You don't need a big garden to have a garden fountain and it is easy to install. Even your small garden can be beautified with garden fountains and outdoor fountains.

Naples Wall Fountain
Balancing Act Garden/Indoor Fountain
Florence Two-Tier
Terrace Fountain with Birds on Tier
Two Tier Renaissance
Cortile Fountain
Williamsburg Pineapple 2 Tier
- $909.99
Acanthus Two Tiered
Inuksuk Guide Garden Fountain
Summer Showers
Positano Pond Fountain
Calais Column Well Fountain
Capri Three Tier
Marina One Tier Pond Water Fountain
Mulu Flowing With LED Lights
Buddha with Moving Ball
St. Francis At Well
Climbing Bear Boulder With LED Lights
Overflowing Spill Dish
Overflowing Cross
Hollowed Tree With LED Lights
Valencia Two-Tier
Jackson Garden Fountain, Short
Windsome, Small
Capri Two Tier
Murabellita Wall Fountain
Valencia Garden Wall Fountain
Sun Three Tier Floor Fountain


Small Regal Tier
Amalfi Two-Tier Outdoor Fountain
Reef Point Square
Village Maiden At The Well Fountain
Steeple Rock Outdoor Fountain
Medioevo Two Tier
Winston with Tier, Short
Small Tazza Tier
Leafy Urn
Costa Bravada
Genesis II
Escala Outdoor Water Fountain
Roman Sphere
William's Dilemma
New Woodflower
Tiering with Cherub
St. Francis Outdoor Fountain
San Remo Pigna
Classic Tiering
Tall Stately Indoor Floor Fountain
2 Tier Pebble Outdoor Floor Fountain
Tiering Pot

4-Tier Ball Fountain

4-Tier Ball Outdoor Water Fountain 
$ 649.00

Biscayne in Riviera Blue

Transform your great ideas by deciding from the images of the garden water fountains displayed here. There are beautiful garden water fountain designs and other garden accessories to transform your ideas into reality. Garden means not only the outdoor garden, but also your terrace or roof garden. You can also use small or big garden statues to add more beauty to your garden.

Capri Single Tier Statue Fountain

Derwent Outdoor Fountain
 $ 549.98
Small One Tier with Fisher Boy
Three Tier Pot
Buddha Fountain
Hawthorne Canyon Fountain Table
2 Bears Climbing on Rainforest
Hera Solar Ceramic Birdbath
Celeste Fountain
Water Chimes - 45
Water Chimes Outdoor Fountain - 45" 
$ 599.00
Buddha Pyramid

Orchid Accents - Copper Pond Fountain $ 499.00
Basin Over Spiral
Meditating Buddha Fountain
Patio with Tier
3 Tier Pot
Old Fashioned Pump with 2 Kids
Romantical Showers
Star Spigot Wall Fountain
Basalt Pouring Columns
Sumerian Fountain
Cobra Pond Fountain

Cobra Pond Fountain
 $ 449.98

Thames Outdoor Fountain

Thames Outdoor Water Fountain - $ 449.98

Edgecliff Water Fountain

Edgecliff $ 449.00

Dueling Pot Tumbler Water Fountain
Boy with Pouring Watering Can
Tall Solar Fountain With Frogs
Three Tier Pineapple Fountain
Scrolled Step
Medieval Wall Fountain
Tapajos With LED Light
Playing Children
Scrolled Step
Three Tier Napa
2 Tier Solar Birdbath Fountain

Not having even a small garden is not a cause to worry, as you still can change your drawing room into a small interior garden and fulfill your dream. Many garden fountain designs suit your interior also. Install a garden fountain that suits your interior and place around it beautifully designed garden planters around it.

Venice Garden Fountain
Girl Watering Flower Floor Fountain
Pouring Buckets
Temple Shrine
Pots with Frogs
Arabesque Mini Series Spa with Planter
Spigot Planter Fountain
Little Boy Holding Turtle
Ribbed Mini Series Spa with Planter
Geometric Enclosed Waterfall Slate Fountain
Platia Mini Series
Coin Mini Series
Two Pouring Jugs
Two Tier Spray
Tabletop Buddha
3 Angels
Tutuilan Tabletop
Wooden Floral
Pouring Vase
Shell Wall Fountain in Florentine Stone
Torino Garden Fountain
Flower Angel Water Wall in Antique Limestone
Sphere (Mini Series)
Koi Three Tier Water Fountain

Not all pond fountains need a big garden. You need to dig just a small pond around it to install the rich looking pond fountains. Some have the pond design so that water won't spill outside. Fountains with pond base are suitable for interior also.

5.1VFX Pond Fountain
5.1VFX Pond Water Fountain 
$ 6949.00
3400 JF/HJF Pond Water Fountain
3400 JF/HJF Pond Garden Fountain  $2379.00
Paloma Cascada in Valencia

Paloma Cascada in Valencia outdoor Fountain - $ 2389.00

8400JF Pond Fountain
8400JF Garden Pond Fountain - $4899.00


And again you don't need a big drawing room to have your dream interior. You can easily convert a corner of your room into a beautiful looking place by applying your imagination. The outdoor fountain designs displayed here offers no bound freedom to design your garden and interior. Instead of indoor custom fountains, if you install the garden fountain near the interior plants, the  stone structure will add a different style to the environment.









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