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Back Pain Treatments



The Cause for back pain can be from many sources and there are varied back pain treatments. The treatment includes conventional methods like massage and exercises to well developed medications and surgery.

 Back Pain Causes

Back pain mostly occur in the lower region called lumbar region. The five vertebrae of the lower region bears most of the weight. The discs in-between them act as shock absorbers. Aging reduces the muscle elasticity and bone mass and make the lumbar region more vulnerable to injury. Lack of exercise and sitting at bad postures for a long time are some of the major causes of back pain at the early age. Over 70 percent of white collar workers suffer from back pain.


The medical world is still searching for a magical formula to give permanent relief to back pain sufferers. It is inching closer than ever to find a solution. There are some advanced treatments for the back pain.

 Back Pain Solutions

Neurostimulator Treatment


Like heart pacemaker there is a pain pacemaker for the treatment of back pain. It is an implantable device. It was introduced in 1969 by Medtronic, a United states medical technology firm. The device has been improved over the years and it is now smaller and long lasting. It operates with a rechargeable battery and has nine years life span. It send signals to block the pain signals from reaching the brain.


Lumbar Wrap Infrared Belt


It is similar to the support belt worn by the people who used to lift heavy weights. It was invented by Lawrence Gordon. This device uses low level infrared rays to increase blood circulation and to support healing effects. Many users of infrared belt have reported considerable relief. There is also different opinion in some quarters about the utility of this belt as they feel that it is similar to electromagnetic wraps.


The Magical Spine Wand


The serious case of slipped disc needs surgery. Through surgery the pressure of the painful disc on adjacent nerve roots is reduced. Like releasing air from the tube, a small amount of tissue is removed from the disc nuclues through a tiny puncture in the skin. The spine wand sends out an electrical charge to vaporize and extract the tissue. Depending on the patients condition, this method gives 90% success rate.


Fusion Technique


This method involves surgery. Metal rods and screws are used to fuse vertebrae through a bone graft. It gives long term relief but with a price. But it limits certain motion of the patient. In advanced treatment bendable materials are used. It consists of flexible plastic tubing that surrounds a cord and spacers. The surgery is performed with minimum invasion of the body.


Using Stem Cells


One's won bone marrow cells are used in this treatment to regenerate the damaged intervertebral disc. It is implanted with a minimally invasive surgery. The implanted stem cells produce new disc tissue. The tissue produced will have the same properties as the original. It is pioneered by Stephen Richardson, MD of England's Manchester University. Researchers are hoping to start the clinical trials in two years time.


Backbone Regeneration


The idea is to grow the affected bone as strong as new one. This is called by Agnes Vignery.PhD, of Yale University as site directed bone growth. The patient will get treatment as an out patient with  minimally invasive methods. This treatment effects bone mass increase where it is needed. This treatment has experienced success involving mice and rats. The human clinical trial is to start in two years time with patents have already been filed.


Change the Mattress


Your worn out mattress could be a reason for your back pain. Many have reported relief from their back pain after changing the worn out mattress. And their relief continued long after changing the old mattress. Have a new bed and don't be careless when it comes to changing the mattress. Having a new mattress is like to have a painless treatment. Lying on a new bed is like having a good exercise and maintaining a good posture.
































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